Email Outage 6/10/2015

- tortus - Alerts - Hosting, email

At 6:02 A.M. this morning we were alerted by our monitoring systems that there was an issue with our mail server. We are working on the issue and will post updates here. We are sorry for the inconvenience and any disruption this has caused.


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Help, I'm getting hundreds of undeliverable email messages!

- william

Unfortunately, this usually means that your email password has been discovered by a hacker, and is being used to send spam through our mail server. Recently, this has happened to several users with passwords that were too simple or easily guessed....

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Tortus Email Migration

- clarke - Alerts - Hosting, email, google apps, rackspace

Dear Friends and Clients,

In order to better serve our clients, and continue to provide high quality email hosting, we are announcing the end of our current email service, effective January 1, 2015. We will be upgrading all current email hosting...

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Earthlink Outage

- tortus - Hosting, email

Update: 2:30 PM: Email should be be fully functional again. If you do not yet have email access, please call 413-788-5080 or use our support form. As we are working hard on many aspects of the system we may not be able to answer immediately, so...

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Midnight Ride of William Dawes?

- clarke - Marketing

In Middle School History class you learned the story of Paul Revere: the brave midnight rider who rode from Boston to Lexington to warn of the impending British invasion (long before the Beatles). What many people don't know is that he wasn't the...

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Managed Plus Website Hosting Service

- clarke - Support, Hosting

Tortus Creative will be launching a new website hosting service called Managed Plus to all of our clients starting April 1, 2013. 

Managed Plus is an all in one website hosting, support and maintenance packed targeted toward small...

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