DNS Migration

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Dear hosting clients,
In order to provide more reliable services, we are currently in the process of shutting down the following legacy name servers:


If your domain registration is pointing to these, your website may...

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9-21-17 Email Issues

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At 11:00 am this morning we experienced a glitch in the Rackspace Email system that may require you to login again using your username and password.

You can also access your email via the web portal at

We are...

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Tortus Email Migration

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Dear Friends and Clients,

In order to better serve our clients, and continue to provide high quality email hosting, we are announcing the end of our current email service, effective January 1, 2016. We will be upgrading all current email hosting...

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Email Back Up - 7/16

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9:30 AM - We are finalizing the server replacement, so there may be some brief issues this morning that should resolve themselves. If you experience any problems, please let us know. After this is done, service should be much more reliable....

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Email Outage 6/10/2015

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At 6:02 A.M. this morning we were alerted by our monitoring systems that there was an issue with our mail server. We are working on the issue and will post updates here. We are sorry for the inconvenience and any disruption this has caused.


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