Earthlink Outage

- tortus - email, Hosting

Update: 2:30 PM: Email should be be fully functional again. If you do not yet have email access, please call 413-788-5080 or use our support form. As we are working hard on many aspects of the system we may not be able to answer immediately, so leave a voicemail with a callback number and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

Around 7:30 AM this morning, the Earthlink data center that our physical servers are located at began experiencing massive packet loss, bringing down most of our services (cloud hosting clients were unaffected). Earthlink has since fixed the issue, but our mail server has remained down. As of 12:45 PM we are still working hard to bring it back online.

We understand how critical email is to our clients, and how frustrating this situation is. We will keep you informed as to the current status repairs, and our long-term solution for these outages.

If your Tortus email has been fully migrated to Rackspace, you should not be affected.