Email Back Up - 7/16

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9:30 AM - We are finalizing the server replacement, so there may be some brief issues this morning that should resolve themselves. If you experience any problems, please let us know. After this is done, service should be much more reliable. (We will still migrate all clients to Rackspace.)


1:30 PM - Tortus Email should be working again. Contact us if you are still having trouble.

8:00 AM - Unfortunately our mail server has suffered an unrecoverable hardware failure. We began the process to replace it last night, and are very sorry for the extended downtime. We expect full service to be restored by the end of the day.

If you would like to switch to our new provider, we can have your email up and running in less than an hour in most cases. Call us at 413-788-5080 or send an email to with a callback number if you would like to start the process, and we will get your email back up ASAP.

If your email hosting has been fully-migrated to our new Rackspace host, you should not be affected by this issue.

  • For information on how we plan to handle our email services moving forward please read the blog post titled “Tortus Email Migration”
  • For instructions to set up your new Rackspace email account, please click here.