Content Development

Writing search engine optimized web content is not easy. The web introduces new challenges such as creating and integrating an effective outbound web marketing campaign, and finding time to conduct page specific keyword research. Now add to the list the staff you may need to hire or train to implement your web marketing campaign and to write to your specific audience...writing for the web can seem a daunting task.

Fortunately, Tortus' web development team can work with you to create, manage and maintain all of your website content. Tortus' content developers help you write text that is optimized for search engines and that is also tailored to reach your target audience.

Our standard proofreading service includes reviewing all text in hard copy or in electronic form for typos, formatting errors, grammar and consistency issues. In addition to analyzing the quantity and quality of your web site content, Tortus will provide your business with a targeted web development content plan.

Tortus will help outline your website content and will conduct content development meetings to educate your team about how to write for the web, and how to focus your content to help search engines better index each of your website pages. Our web development services are diverse and interdisciplinary, so contact Tortus today for a complete list of our web development services.

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