Project Management

Tortus' Project Management staff is skilled in organizing resources and managing web development team members so your project is completed on time, in scope and on budget. Tortus completes quality web development projects in a timely and cost effective manner everyday. Tortus' project management staff approach every project as an endeavor to create a unique website that will highlight your products and services, provide added value to your business and reflect your business needs.

In order for a web development project to be successful, project team members must create a carefully defined set of activities that must be completed on time and in budget. This requires highly skilled project managers, programmers and designers. Tortus uses web-based project management tools to help manage your web development project and effectively meet your business objectives.

Tortus' Oxygen is a secure, web-based, password-protected project management tool allows real-time communication between Tortus our clients during the life of the project. A seamless production process is achieved through Tortus' effective utilization of this web-based project management software. All communication (emails, comments, and feedback), work orders, files and support documentation are posted to Oxygen. Tortus' project management strategy improves communication, makes the development process more transparent, and allows you to interactively review your web development project in process.

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