Website Design

Tortus' standard design practice includes usage of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and the newest form of HTML, XHTML. Through the use of CSS, Tortus will ensure all websites created by Tortus' web designers are accessible to everyone, using any device. So your website will look great in any browser, through a screen-reader, or even on a PDA or Blackberry.

Tortus' usage of CSS is also an integral component to optimizing page load speed. Accessible design is especially important so that people with disabilities - whether visual impairment, color blindness or other disabilities - can access your information and navigate through your website.

All websites designed at Tortus reflect leading-edge Internet website best practices with particular emphasis on increasing ease-of-use for the user, accessibility and browser compatibility for Internet Explorer (IE) 6+, FireFox, Safari, Opera. Tortus' two goals are usability and accessibility - that is, our web designers make sure your website is easy to use and anyone can use it.

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