Website Development Process

The primary focus of our web development company is to develop web-based business solutions that deliver measurable business results. We work closely with you to ensure the solutions we develop will meet the goals and objectives of your organization. Each web development project is a collaborative effort to develop not only a website, but a powerful business tool that is integrated within your organization.

Our web development process which helps keeps projects on time!

Pre-Project Initiation Meeting (PRE-PIM): The Pre-PIM is a meeting where the Account Manager can relay additional notes and details not included in the business plan to the Project Manager, to ensure thorough comprehension of all specifications within your web development project.

Project Initiation Meeting (PIM): The PIM is a meeting between your staff, the assigned Project Manager, Programmer, and Designer who will work on your web development project. The objective of the PIM is to open a clear dialog and begin a positive, professional business relationship. To achieve success, Tortus utilizes a managed production process, which begins with the Project Initiation Meeting (PIM).

Web-based Project Management: Tortus uses secure, web-based, password-protected project management tools that allow real-time communication between Tortus and your staff during the life of the project. A seamless production process is achieved through Tortus' effective utilization of web-based project management software. Web-based project management significantly improves communication, helps to make the development process more transparent, and allows you to interactively review the web development project in process.

Programming: Tortus' goal is to evaluate your needs and come up with a solution using the latest open-source technology. Our programmers will work closely with the Project Manager, designers and your team, to create databases and other software programs to make your website a business tool.

Testing: All Tortus websites are tested at important milestones throughout the development process to ensure all content is presented clearly, and all users can navigate quickly and efficiently throughout the site.

  • Design Quality Control: During the production process, Tortus' web development team will perform continuous quality checks for template integrity, browser compatibility, overall accessibility and user experience.
  • Programming Quality Control: Tortus' web development team will test all programmed components to verify that programming features function properly according to your project specifications. Automatic programming tests are developed side-by-side with programming code. Typically, Tortus is notified of an error before our clients can detect them!

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